Meet the Photographer


Where it all started...

My photography passion began at the beginning of my teen years while living in Colorado. Bless my parent's hearts for taking me on countless trips to get my film developed and then back again to pick it up. (remember when we had to wait for our pictures?!) I loved the Christmas morning-like anticipation as I thumbed through each photograph, reliving the moment as I held that matte finished 4x6 print!

One can only take so many pictures of the Rocky Mountains before they start to look the same! As my passion for children and families grew(thanks to the dozens of families I babysat for!) my love for photographing people developed more and more.  I can still hear the oldest child of the family I cared for saying "Josi brought her camera...again?!"  I just couldn't stop clicking!

I was so proud and thrilled to save up enough money for my first SLR FILM camera the summer I turned 18. For the 8 years that followed, that faithful Minolta captured images for my HS yearbook, college years (thankfully I had friends who loved to model!) and was used to start my business.  

A pivotal point in my photography journey was working as an assistant to an outdoor portrait photographer in LA during college. I attribute so much of who I've become as a photographer to my dear Diana and what she taught me.

Through a couple of different business names, changing with the tides from film to digital, the core of why I love doing this has remained. I absolutely love people and capturing them in their natural form. I love making people laugh and smile. I love witnessing a precious moment and cuddle between a parent and child. I love collaborating creatively to make a vision become reality. I love adding a special touch. I believe that God has given us all a special gift and I'm so blessed that I am able to use and share mine this way.  I'm thrilled to meet you and your family!


Josi Omdal- Owner, Artist and Photographer

Random Facts about Me!

-I'm a west coast girl...Oregon...Colorado

-I'd live on pizza and ice cream if I could!

-I teach dance to kids and love to sing, act and play guitar! (well, try to play guitar!)

-I'm typically found with a cup of coffee or bottle of water in hand!

-I love to be crafty, creative and miss the days when I had time to scrapbook!

-The ocean is my happy place